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Welcome to The great Ragu.
 So who is Ragu? Ragu is me a professional freelance writer. I have written several aricles that have been published online. I am currently helping to write two e-books and a novel for young adults. Although I have a wide range of topic's I am able to write about, my specialty is writing for a young adult audiance.  Several of my article's titles include teen health issues and other related titles.
I have a Diploma from the Institute of Children's Literature and a certificate for creative writing . I have great researching skills and can offer a great voice for all pieces witten.  Check out my daily blog or read my service page and don't forget to leave your comments. Thanks for visiting!



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New sample article.


Let it out…healthy anger


Anger is a healthy emotion, an emotion that every person feels. So what is anger anyway? Anger as I said is an emotion, it is neither a wrong or a right feeling. Anger only becomes a problem for people when it is repressed or is associated with aggression which by the way is a behavioural problem. Unresolved anger can lead to serious physical and mental health problems, such as heart disease, stroke, depression and anxiety.

So why do we get angry? Why do we need to get angry? First of all when we get angry, basically your trying to tell your self something is wrong. In other words anger is a second emotion alerting you that another emotion is in effect, fear, sadness, frustration.  Anger is trying to keep us from harm, it is the response you produce that can help or hurt the real problem, the primary emotion. Understanding the reason why you are angry will help you to solve your anger in an appropriate and healthy manner.

Where does anger come from? It comes from inside you; it is a natural response to dissatisfaction with something with in your environment. Anger can be brought on by a present situation or can build up over time. Letting anger build up or stew over time is called ‘suppressed anger.’ People who normally suppress anger are often very destructive, meaning when something triggers the anger about a past event; the response is often over reacted, or aimed towards someone who originally had nothing to do with the past event. Suppressing anger can often lead to depression, violence, or obsession; That is why dealing with your anger in a healthy manner is so important, and also it will help us control our anger from being directed at the wrong people.

Because anger is a healthy emotion and is only wrong when the behavioural reaction associated is inappropriate....

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Meditation for inner peace....Sample

In cultures all over the world, over many thousands of years people have become aware that we as humans may have a deeper purpose in life, and to seek out this purpose we must look with in our souls to find it. How do we do this? With meditation!

Meditation has been practiced for centuries it is believed by practicing meditation you will find something with in your self you may have never thought was there. You may find a purpose, a meaning to whom you are, a sense that no matter how much we feel we don't belong, really we do. Meditation brings us home; it brings us to a deep living that can fill you with unknowing pleasure and satisfaction. In meditation one can find peace and self worth.

Of course meditation takes practice and hard work, you can not simply sit down and begin to meditate and expect you'll feel like a million bucks ten minutes later. In fact meditation, true meditation can take years and years to learn. It is said that Buddhist monks can actually have out of body experiences when reached what they call the ‘enlightenment,' during meditation, of course those Buddhist monks spend hours upon hours meditating each day.

Meditation can be dangerous for some, it can have physiological effects on some. It is said that a state can be reached that is similar to taking LSD or mescaline. The truth is you won't reach such a state if meditation is practiced with intelligence and responsibility, it may give you a sense of reality you never felt before, like one may feel when on those chemical drugs; this is a natural reaction and chances are you will never reach such a level until your mind and body are ready for it.

So now how do you begin to meditate, how do you begin finding your path to inner peace, it's simple;

To read the rest go to   http://hubpages.com/hub/Meditation-to-find-inner-peace


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Sample #2: Getting out of debt

So you're in debt, your stressed out and it seems like you have no option, right? Wrong! Just because you find yourself swimming in your bills it's not the end of the world. So what do you do? How do you manage all that debt? First take a deep breath and try to relax, you need to be focused so you can start on the road to recovery

First of all you must start by evaluating your finances. Make a list, what your income is and your fixed expenditures, you know like housing, food , transportation things that you must pay in order to live and work. Mark down any other financial commitments you have beyond the basic necessities. Then add on your credit card and loan payments. Now that you have visual of what you bring in and what needs to be paid out it's time to make a budget. I know that horrible word budget may have you squerming in your seat, but let's face it because you didn't have a budget or plan to begin with is probably why you got into debt.

Read full article at http://hubpages.com/_2qdeej6pqq1gt/hub/Get-out-of-Debt-before-its-to-late

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